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October 26, 2015 Success Stories

Established in 2003 Muskoka Paddle Shack is one of the first businesses that everyone sees as they make their way into beautiful Muskoka.  The front of the store is full of colorful boats, making sure that your eyes are drawn to it as you drive by.  Jay Mothersill, the co-owner of Muskoka Paddleshack, has the opportunity to live out his dream, starting his very own paddle sports store he is more excited than ever before.  Muskoka Paddle shack began as a trailer parked at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre off Highway 11 and expanded to a building within a couple years.  Jay’s passion is very evident from the moment you meet him, talking to him about why he located in Gravenhurst, Ontario brought this passion to the foreground.  “The biggest thing for me is that I always wanted to live somewhere that was inspiring,” said Jay. “My career path has taken me a lot of places and Gravenhurst is a great mix of beauty and opportunity, there are entrepreneurial and creative minded people here, enough to make a difference.”

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Renting and selling paddle sport equipment is not the only service Muskoka Paddle Shack offer.  With the success of their business Jay and his team have been able to branch out into other areas of the paddle sport industry.  2013 marked the opening of a second location, this time on the water. This location gave customers the opportunity to try out the boats before they rented or purchased, and it also allowed Jay the opportunity to spend more time on the water.

This industry has always struggled during the winter, as it is hard to paddle on solid ice!  To combat this Jay has started another venture for the snowy months.  He leads 20 week long kayaking expeditions in beautiful Cuba.  Each of these vacations is led by Jay or one of his knowledgeable guides that he has working for him in Cuba.  It gives the paddle sport enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their hobby even when the snow may be on the ground at home.

While service is a pillar of their business the Paddle Shack has developed and manufactured some of their own products for the retail store.  The Alchemist line of canoes was developed by the minds at Muskoka Paddle Shack and continues to be a leader in the niche market of high end canoes.  These boats are only available at the Paddle Shack and customers come from far and wide to get this special design.  Recognizing the opportunity to not only sell the boats but the equipment to hold them, the teams has designed and manufactured a unique line of Cedar boat racks that are now shipped all over the world. Next time you are driving up to the cottage or just out on Highway 11 stop by the store and say hi to Jay and his team.


Muskoka Paddle Shack

2332 HWY 11 N

Gravenhurst, ON

P1P 1R1

705-687-9415 or 1-888-448-4423

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