News – TOWN CRIER Free Public Wifi is now live in Muskoka

July 7, 2017 News

Town CrierWe’re pleased to announce that Town Crier Free Public Wifi is now live in Muskoka.  Town Crier is a joint venture between The Network, Clear Case Computers, and the Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville Chambers of Commerce.

Town Crier is a free public wifi service available in Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville.  Visitors to each downtown will see “Town Crier Free Wifi” on the list of available networks when they look for a wifi connection.  Town Crier is a lot like other free wifi services, with a couple of key differences:

First, Town Crier doesn’t require a password.  There is a one-time registration (through Facebook or a registration form), but after that the user’s device will automatically find and sign in to Town Crier on repeat visits without having to enter a password again.

Second, once signed in, users can walk up and down the main street and stay on the same wifi network.  Town Crier has hotspots throughout each downtown, and users will get handed off from hotspot to hotspot automatically as they walk through town.

That last point is huge, and something that’s not available in very many places.  Since each user’s device sees the whole downtown as one network, they are encouraged to visit many shops, rather than stay anchored to an individual shop offering free wifi.  It will increase traffic to shops and give store owners a chance to interact with more potential new customers.

The existence of free wifi in the downtowns will also encourage more seasonal visitors to come to the main street, rather than drive straight from the city to the cottage.

We are very excited to be unveiling this service in Muskoka, and will be continuing to look for ways to expand and improve the service.  Please send any comments or questions to, or

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