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August 1, 2017 News

From the outside in…

There is a time in every organization where they have to take a moment to breathe and to look from the outside in. It’s a time when they need to review what they do and how they do it; to analyze whether they are on the right track.

Exciting things happen when you embrace change, and that is what we have done at Muskoka Futures. If you are looking for guidance, support or investment in your business, no matter the stage, chances are you are feeling a little overwhelmed and vulnerable. We wanted to make sure that as we took our step back and looked from the outside in we were making it easy and welcoming to walk in our doors or to call us. We happen to know that the four of us that make up the core operating staff of Muskoka Futures are kind, understanding and approachable, but if you looked at our old website or called into our automated attendant you might not have gotten that impression. So we changed. We refreshed our website courtesy of Green Moose Media, we removed the automated attendant and now real live humans answer the phone and we refreshed our message; our call to action, which is simply ‘call us’. We are here to answer your questions, to help you navigate business and entrepreneurship whether you are starting up, are a seasoned pro ready to grow, or looking for your way to transition out of your business. Simply put we help to support, invest and grow local business and communities.

As part of our refresh, we revamped and updated our business support program.

Now known as Momentum, we offer three core programs;

Momentum Mentoring:

As part of the Momentum Mentoring Program clients receive a mentor’s guidance and support for up to 6 months or 25 hours. Great for the new business owner or the seasoned pro who’s not sure what the next steps are, our mentors share their advice and experiences based on their own journeys.

Momentum Advisory:

In the Momentum Advisory Program clients are paired with an Advisor who will work with them to help strengthen and grow their business. Advisors are hands-on and help find efficiencies, strategize and execute plans. From financial planning, to planning for growth, to marketing ins and outs, we have an advisor to fit anyone’s needs. As an added bonus, advisors offer their services to Muskoka Futures clients at a reduced hourly rate and currently we have funding in place allowing us to offer up to a 50% reimbursement of these fees to those who qualify.

Momentum Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping concerns? No worries. Our Momentum Bookkeeping Program features a network of bookkeepers ready to help guide clients through our Bookkeeping Setup or Review Services. Bookkeepers will help the beginner set up their books properly so they get off the ground on the right foot. For the entrepreneur who has been going it alone we offer a review service where our bookkeepers will review their books and advise on areas of concern or ways to become more efficient. Just like our advisors, our bookkeepers offer their services to Muskoka Futures clients at a reduced hourly rate and currently we have funding in place allowing us to offer up to a 50% reimbursement of these fees to those who qualify.

Plus we have monthly event series’;

Talk Tuesdays which are once a month round table discussions around specific business topics facilitated by our mentors and advisors.

Walk-in Wednesdays (WiW) are held once a month, when advisors and mentors are available in our offices for drop in discussions for any and all business related questions. The next WiW is August 16, 2017, from 12-4pm.

Please follow us on Facebook (@muskokafutures) for dates and times, or our website under What’s Up.

The Idea Project Unleashing Innovation in Muskoka – this is a curated invitation only event series bringing some of the brightest thought leaders from the GTA here to Muskoka to talk with local influencers and entrepreneurs. Sharing ideas, challenges and brainstorming solutions is the key outcome of these events. We aim to encourage a community of collaboration, cultivate innovation and create connections that will help Muskoka’s economy flourish. We believe that by sharing ideas and encouraging collaboration anything is possible and this event series is here to prove it! These events will be held monthly at venues throughout Muskoka. Have an idea and want to participate? Please contact Jodi Chapman-Good at to see if there is space available.

There are exciting changes in our investment process too. It begins with a renewed focus on customer service ensuring timely decisions for you through a simplified application form and new review process. Through our own look inwards, we realized we needed to better communicate our why?; We arrived at ‘Helping Business Thrive’ because when businesses succeed we all succeed. We also wanted to ensure we shared a key feature of our investment fund; by investing in your business, the interest we earn goes right back into our community as an investment in the next local business, truly community investment! The goal is that the businesses we support succeed, grow and create jobs for the betterment of the community we all live in.

Need help or have questions…call us at 705-646-9511. We are here to help!

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