The Township of Georgian Bay

For More information on doing business in The Township of Georgian Bay contact:
Jennifer Schnier | Communications and Economic Development Officer 99 Lone Pine Rd, Port Severn, ON L0K 1S0
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The Township of Georgian Bay

We are a community that focuses on economic prosperity, develops our economy and builds on our environmental assets. We have the fastest broadband connection in all of Muskoka in our Urban Core and have the Bell 4G network in our Community.

We are conveniently located right beside the 400 Series Highway and have a defined urban core serviced by water and sewer. Our Township includes the Trent Severn Waterway, Georgian Bay Island National Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We are a proud Georgian Bay Community who have done our homework; we have commercial locations ready, many serviced, and our anchor tenants are established. Our population is growing, traffic counts are moving and housing developments are selling. Our labour force is strong; skilled labour with hometown pride.

Collaboratively, we are ready to grow. We will celebrate the growth of this community by ensuring that the needs of the community are met.

Parry Sound


Amenities and infrastructure include:

• Sewer and Water Services
There are piped sewer and water services in the urban areas of Port Severn and MacTier operated by the District of Muskoka. The rest of the Township relies on private septic systems and wells.

• Telecommunications
Cellular telephone service is generally good and, due to investments made by FedNor through a not-for-profit organization called Muskoka Community Network, the vast majority of Georgian Bay residents and cottagers enjoy good broadband internet coverage. This is a competitive advantage that allows Georgian Bay to compete successfully for new businesses and economic development with communities further south in more densely populated areas.

• Transportation
Highway 400 is the backbone of the Georgian Bay with four-lane controlled access to the larger commercial centres of Barrie and Parry Sound. One can reach Georgian Bay from Toronto in less than two hours. Ontario Northland Transportation provides intercity bus service with stops in Port Severn and MacTier.

Our Vision

The Township of Georgian Bay will remain a safe and welcoming place; showcasing our historic, prosperous, sustainable villages and cottage communities. By honouring our unique natural amenities, we will promote and collaborate with the outstanding stewards of our community to foster innovative, yet thoughtful, growth.

Area Profile

• We are a water-based community that celebrates exponential growth from April to November and our main industry is second-home owners (cottagers) and tourists.

• Creative Sector Clusters are booming in the arts: photographers, painters, artisans and sculptors.

• Businesses that support the industry in our area, and can capture the niche -market-based industry, will be very successful during these active months. We have shoulder season business that can maintain a year-round strategy with realistic expectation.

• Our permanent population is growing; our technology is advanced and accessible and people can stay in their second homes longer. Our permanent residents outsource all of the present primary commodities from neighbouring communities, the greatest influences being Coldwater, Midland and Parry Sound. People want to shop and live in the same community.


One of 6 Muskoka municipalities, the ‘Economic Pulse’ in Georgian Bay is strong. We celebrate the Muskoka Brand, honour the value of the over 17 million online impressions. We know what being in Muskoka can bring to our community. We are federally supported as a northern community. We can access FedNor, the Economic Action Plan, Muskoka Futures Development and Muskoka Community Network (IT Sector). Our Muskoka connections can support your business decisions, and we will work with you to confirm the Township of Georgian Bay as your community of choice.

Economic Development Office

With a true lens on the residents in the community, we promote return-to-work strategies, sustainable support programs, health care and community based programming and activities. We also work with small to medium businesses to look at their product, support their distribution, celebrate and provide hands-on support to their online content.

We support the creative economy and environmental partners in the community. Our greatest attribute is our commitment to making our already existing anchor tenants successful.

Hosting a National Park and a National Historic Site, as well as a Biosphere designation, we are a community committed to these locations and will build around them a vibrant sustainable economy.

In addition to these incentives there are a number of other resources to help with your move to the Township of Georgian Bay:

• Our studies are current. Our Economic Development Strategy identifies our strengths and how we will play to them for business development
• We celebrate a National Park, National Historic Site, The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a railway.
• We don’t operate on a 9-ˇ5 schedule, and will gladly meet with your client after hours.

For More information on doing business in The Township of Georgian Bay contact:

Jennifer Schnier | Communications and Economic Development Officer 99 Lone Pine Rd, Port Severn, ON L0K 1S0
Direct: (705) 538-2337 ext. 259 | F: 705-538-1850
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